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Building a mic to listen to light and launching a brand new YouTube series.

As part of my recently announced Sound and Music New Voices project, I’m documenting the process of building an updated version of the Photon Smasher in a YouTube series.

These videos will be released monthly(ish) and act as a way of documenting my progress through the project, capturing the highs, and inevitable lows along the way. In episode 1 I take a look at the current version of the instrument, how it came to be and all the features I want in version 2.

It was really rewarding to piece together various clips I’d made previously and present them as a coherent body of work, showing how I’ve been using the instrument, as well as explaining some of the physics behind how it works too. Perhaps most importantly this video series will act as a looming deadline too, with the monthly schedule giving me focus and makes me plan my time more effectively. With the project culminating in Feb 2022 seeming a lifetime away, having the monthly videos will keep me focused on my project schedule and task list and hopefully ensure I stay on track.