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Frazer Merrick

Composer, sound designer and all round noise maker

I use field recording, circuit bending and instrument building to create carnivalesque experiences which explore the act of play. Using lo-fi technologies I transform a space or object, encouraging the audience to become a curious performer and embrace play through interactivity, improvisation and collaboration. My work materialises as playful interactive sculptures, transportive soundscapes and empowering educational projects.

As a sound artist working in Essex, England, I work across films, video games and interactive installations. I studied at Huddersfield University, earning a 1st Class Honors in Music Technology. I have exhibited at venues including Firstsite, Nottingham Contemporaries and Turner Contemporary as well as producing work with Channel 4 and the BBC.

Additionally, I’m also Education Coordinator at Signals and co-founder of CLIP┬áSound and Music CIC.

What I’m working on at the moment

  • Artist in residence at Snape in July 2022
  • Brand new audiovisual installation to be exhibited at Focal Point Gallery in Autumn 2022