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Frazer Merrick

Composer, sound designer and all round noise maker

I use field recording, circuit bending and instrument building to create carnivalesque experiences which explore the act of play. I transform spaces and objects, encouraging the audience to become a curious performer and embrace play through interactivity, improvisation and collaboration. My work materialises as playful interactive sculptures, transportive soundscapes and empowering educational projects. I have played a gig underwater, sound designed a time machine and built a microphone that turns light into sound.

I studied at Huddersfield University, earning a 1st Class Honors in Music Technology and Popular Music Studies. I have exhibited at galleries including Firstsite and Focal Point Gallery, performed at venues such as Snape Maltings and Colchester Arts Centre, and had compositions aired on Channel 4 and the BBC.

I am also the Digital Producer at Signals and co-founder of CLIP Sound and Music CIC.

What I’m working on at the moment

  • An interactive installation at Battersea Arts Centre, launching October 2023
  • Writing a new EP, titled Dymaxion, scheduled for release September 2023.