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As part of the Annual Ipswich Biennial, we (CLIP) ran a Making Music with Bikes workshop at the fantastic La Tour Cycle Café on the Ipswich waterfront.

We spent the afternoon making beats from bowing spokes and creating a chorus of bicycle bells! Alongside setting a sampling station, for bicycle based beats, we also had a table of synths to encourage jamming/improvising to the beats.

Additionally, we were also joined by Loula Yorke who helped me put together this fantastic ‘bicycle x reel to reel’ setup. Really interested to explore this idea further, especially if the tape was a piece of music created/inspired by a bike ride. I love the sculptural element of the bicycle wheel, I can already imagine a wall based sculpture made of bicycle parts with a looped bicycle inspired audio piece winding its way around.

Huge thanks to La Tour Cycle Cafe for their hospitality, and make sure you check out all the other projects happening as part of the Annual Ipswich Binennial on their website or instagram:

Thank you to Adam Thompson for these fantastic photos.