Rory and Gemma break in to the Mersea Island RNLI station on Halloween in 1987. He wants to run away to London. She wants him to notice that’s she’s not drinking. Over the course of the next thirty-four years the consequences of that night will tear their lives apart.

In October 2021 I sound designed Sirens, a “haunting new play [which] explores themes of belonging, family ties and forgiveness”, written by award-winning playwright and screenwriter, Kenny Emson.

My role as sound designer was to create 7.1 soundscapes which would ebb and flow with the tension of the story, whilst also transporting the audience to different locations around Mersea. Across various visits to Mersea I recorded the ambiences of the landscape, the textures of famous oyster farms, and the infamous tide at the Strood – the single road onto the island which floods at high tide, cutting off the island from the mainland.




Mercury Theatre, Colchester


Sound Design

In a serendipitous turn of fate, I had released a track called Siren back in June 2020 on EP4, the forth EP in my four seasons project, which became the score for the transition sequences which showed the passage of time and eluded to the character arcs. The track is a cinematic soundscape with water sounds and a lone female voice – which became the motif for the character of Isla.