When I was invited add sound to Julie’s doomsday clocks, I wanted to make them sing rather than tick. The familiar ticking sound, whilst transient and abrupt, is aggressive and sat at odds with the surroundings. Instead I chose to amplify the resonate frequency of each structure, vibrating the metal sculptures to make them sing. Luring you towards them to highlight their important message of the climate emergency. The singing sculptures pulse at 120bpm, twice the tempo of a ticking clock, and that of a slightly raised heartbeat.

Collaboration with Julie Cuthbert


Moverons Garden, Brightlingsea



Elsewhere in the woods is my automatic auto-harp, a chaotic instrument powered by the sun and disrupted with items from the ground nearby. This piece shows the entropy of our planet, and ultimately our universe. The lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder.
For the final piece I wanted to connect with the fire that had been in the space and underscore the sculpture with a hopeful message. By recreating a crackling fire I want to show both destruction and renewal, as one life ends another begins.