Part podcast part composition, Hidden Sounds of Play is a soundscape of electromagnetic recordings of the arcades, rides and illuminations of Southend. Its carnivalesque spaces along the seaside promenade which lure you in with their vibrant bright lighting displays and obnoxiously loud machines. Like a siren pulling you towards the rocks, waiting to absorb your money in return for interactive experiences and ephemeral fun.

Beneath the surface of these spaces are arrays of electronics making it all possible. High voltage systems powering arrays of animated LEDs and neon displays, all of which spew electromagnetic noise into the ether. Using an array of microphones that convert Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMF) into audible sound, I captured the hidden rhythms, textures and timbres of this electronic infrastructure and composed the ‘Hidden Sounds of Play’.

Special thanks to Ben Hunt on drums for responding to the rhythmic field recordings.


FPG Sounds


Focal Point Gallery, Southend