What does ‘home’ mean to you?

House Share reveals the thoughts and experiences of young people in Essex during the three UK lockdowns, and their changing relationship to the home.

Curated by Firstsite’s Young Art Kommunity (YAK) group, working in partnership with Firstsite and Arts Council Collection (ACC), with whom Firstsite is a National Partner 2019-22, the exhibition is a multi-sensory and interactive space designed to evoke a sense of each member’s home.

I worked with YAK and other young artist groups from the other galleries within the ACC program to create a soundscape of everyday sounds, documenting the sounds that fill our homes. After collecting the sounds, I worked with YAK to arrange them into a dawn til dusk soundscape, with the timeline shown in an image below.

The soundscape was installed in Firstsite as part of the House Share exhibition, featuring artworks chosen by YAK from the ACC. You can find out more about YAK and the House Share exhibition on the Firstsite website here.


House Share


Firstsite, Colchester