The starry sky is the truest friend in life, when you’ve first become acquainted; it is ever there, it gives ever peace, ever reminds you that your restlessness, your doubt, your pains are passing trivialities.

– Erling Kagge, Silence in the Age of Noise


Stars Are Our First True Friends


The Art Station, Saxmundham


Kinetic Audio Visual SculptureĀ 

When photons of light hit the solar panel a small electrical current is generated. When connected to a speaker we hear this transfer of energy as sound. LEDs (light emitting diodes) turn on and off in quick succession, this is imperceivable to the human eye yet we can hear the rapid motion as pitch, the faster the LED turns on and off the higher the pitch. Different colours of light create different timbres, flashing lights create rich textured rhythms and bicycle lights become synthesisers.

Co-created with long time collaborator Simon Keep, and featuring the newest prototype of my Photon Smasher microphone for light. You can see/hear this installation in person at the Here exhibition at The Artstation, Saxmundham from 26th June – 25th July 2021.

Tickets are free but booking is required. Click here to find out more.