Dymaxion is an EP of electromagnetic soundscapes and krautrock energy.

The EP is peppered with my handmade electronic instruments and microphones, featuring rhythms from arcade signs (Tensegrity) and melodies from Hot Tub lights (Tetrascroll) recorded using my Photon Smasher microphone, a mic which uses a solar cell to listen to light. The EP also features his light-powered synth PULSAR, a synth which uses LEDs as oscillators – as heard on Spaceship Earth, Dominion and Tensegrity.

In 2020 I was named one of Sound and Music’s New Voices. Over the course of 18 months, I developed the Photon Smasher microphone and formed my ensemble with Ben Hunt on Drums and Samuel Hollis on Bass – both of whom feature throughout the EP. After a packed out show at Colchester Arts Centre, I built upon this success with a residency at Snape Maltings in 2022, where the resulting tracks formed the basis of this EP.

My aim with these tracks was to convey a sense of energy, of movement and motion. Inspired by the work of American Architect Buckminster Fuller, the EPs title Dymaxion is a portmanteau of Dynamic, Maximum and Tension – maximum gain from minimum energy. This way of thinking gave me the creative boundaries I needed, to do more with less.

Dymaxion will be released exclusively on Bandcamp on Friday 6th October 2023, followed by all streaming platforms on Wednesday 26th October.