Whipps Cross Voices, a project generously supported by Barts Charity in collaboration with the Whipps Cross Hospital Redevelopment team, celebrated the history of Whipps Cross Hospital, capturing stories and experiences of current and former staff.

During 2022 and early 2023, I was commissioned by the team to collect a soundscape of the hospital through a variety of field recordings and in situ interviews. Sitting alongside their more formal oral history program. My vision for the project was that one person’s noise is another person’s treasure, and it’s these unique stories I endeavoured to capture.

Having collected a wide variety of sounds, interviews and ambiences I edited these together into a series of short podcast like episodes focusing on different teams within the hospital; The Chaplain, hospital radio, volunteers team, the surgeons bell, the 1/4 mile long corridor and the singing porter.


Whipps Cross Voices 

Partner Organisation

Barts Charity


Radio Documentary / Podcast