At the end of 2017 I was invited by Artists Cydney Barrows and Becky Jordan to respond to their ‘Thread’ installation at Cuckoo Farm, where they created beautiful and vibrant 3D sculptures with cotton thread and pins within the space.

Across three visits I recorded various sounds, including; contact mics on the threads, spinning spools of thread in bowls and bowing the pins they’re wrapped around (alongside vocal snippets and other ambient noises).

The composition is roughly broken into three movements; installation, exhibition and deconstruction. With each having its own mood; the delicate and contemplative installation, the euphoria of exhibiting and the catharsis of pulling it all down.

The only sound that isn’t from my recordings is the bass sound that comes in in the middle – everything else you hear is recorded from the installation.

I really enjoyed responding to this installation, and both Becky and Cydney commented how it gave them a totally different perspective on their own work. This type of collaboration is definitely something I’d like to pursue further, creating aural responses to installations from the sound of the materials, environment and the audience.





Cuckoo Farm, Colchester 


Installation Response

Photography – Copyright Cydney Barrows