Perpetual Chimes is a set of augmented wind chimes that offer an escapist experience where your collaboration composes the soundscape. Since there is no wind indoors, the chimes require audience interaction to gently tap or waft them and encourage/nurture the hidden sounds within – triggering sounds as the chimes strike one another. Since the chimes make little acoustic noise – essentially they’re broken until you collaborate with them.

The chimes are rigged with a MakeyMakey circuitboard, connected to a Raspberry Pi which in turn is running the script embedded above. As the chimes strike the centre plate (earth) they trigger a keypress which plays a sound and incrementally increases the ‘chimes’ variable. When said variable is equal to a multiple of 25 it then triggers one of the larger bass notes, rewarding those who interact with the piece longer with new sounds.


Perpetual Chimes


The Minories, Colchester


Interactive Installation