EP2 is the second in my four seasons project, exploring autumnal feelings with blustery field recordings and re-sampled instruments that sound like they’ve been caught in the rain.

Tip Toe

Composed almost entirely in one evening, ‘Tip Toe’ makes heavy use of my Yamaha VSS200 and its beautiful lo-fi sampling feature – giving the songs guitar a soft but jangly (and also quite noisy) tone.

Silent Night

Featuring my childhood music box sampled through my circuit bent Casio SK1 for some textural loops, and combined with field recordings of a an outdoor chamber orchestra in Budapest for strings and clarinet melodies.

Red House

peaceful track featuring a field recording of the wind chime in the garden of Benjamin Brittens home in Aldeburgh Suffolk. I love how the wind becomes another instrument within the track, alongside the chimes themselves.

The Wick

Inspired by a peaceful outdoor jam session at nearby Fingringhoe Wick. Featuring guitar recorded on an old minidisc dictaphone, vocals recorded on the trusty Casio SK1 and brass re-recorded through a reel to reel player saved from a skip!

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