“A sublime meditation on spiritual growth, exploring transformation, destruction and enlightenment in the digital age: Bloom examines the relevance of spirituality in a technological context, where our physical and virtual identities are intertwined. Combining movement with animated floral motifs; the work projects a sense of surreal beauty and portrays an augmented reality where the artist’s body is in a state of flux.”

Sian Fan is an emerging artist who works with movement, the body and technology to explore and expose what it means to exist, both physically and spiritually. Drawing on her background in contemporary dance, she creates choreography that fragments and abstracts the body, as an exploration of the complexity and profundity of existence.


BLOOM features a dramatic green screen aerial performance to be married with rotoscope animation. This created an exciting challenge, as due to deadlines I began composing before seeing any footage. I drew sonic influence from the intensity of Manga films and organic textures of Andrew Thomas Huang’s psychedelic short film SOLIPSIST.

Bloom was comissioned by Random Acts and will premiere on Channel 4 later in 2017.




Sian Fan


Sound Design